East Bali is a large region with natural habitat ranging from lush forests and black sand beaches to barren gravel plains and an active volcano. Travel to East Bali and you will discover rugged natural beauty, the most ancient of temples, royal palaces and the islands highest volcano: Mount Agung. The peak looms over and serves much as an important backdrop to most of the other attractions you’ll see here. A trip to East Bali will provide you with an escape from the common crowds of the popular southern resort area. 


The East Bali Itinerary is a self guided Ego Trip Bali tour that will begin at sunrise and end at noon. While you can start the itinerary whenever you like we have chosen this time frame based on light, traffic, photographs, people, timing and all things we know best about this area. There will be a map included in your itinerary with detailed directions to each spot, tips, example photos, entry fees and a schedule to maximize the most of your time.  There will be 6 locations and 10 photo ops in this East Bali Itinerary for only $19.99.

East Bali, Ego Trip Bali - Self Guided Itinerary

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