The Ego Trip team wants you to have the most amazing time, however, we need to cover off a few t&c's. You should read these before you make your booking. By making a booking you confirm you have read and agree to these conditions.



Once you book through www.egotripbali.com you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. Ego Trip acts in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or schedule changes caused by weather or road conditions, force majeur such as natural catastrophes, strikes or any other irregularities beyond the control of Ego Trip. Luggage is at the owner's risk throughout the trip. We, therefore, advise all clients to have insurance coverage.



  1. 48 hours notice required for rescheduling.

  2. No refund if you cancel with less than 72 hours notice. If you cancel with more than 72 hours notice you may request a refund of 30%.

  3. Each participant must have their own travel insurance.

  4. Ego Trip will proceed regardless of weather conditions.

  5. A full refund, or re-schedule will be provided if we cancel for any reason.

  6. Traffic conditions may result in delays for many reasons. If your trip is delayed through no fault of your own, we will extend the tour for the additional amount of time required to get to all your spots.

  7. You must leave each of your photo locations by the set time, failure to leave each point may mean you will miss location photo opportunities and your return maybe delayed.

  8. Some spots we visit will be difficult to access. You must be capable of navigating through rocky areas as well as climbing steep steps.

  9. Due to the nature of traffic in Bali and unforeseen circumstances, if your return is later than scheduled, Ego Trip apologises, however is not liable for any missed connections, accommodation or other costs associated with a delay.

  10. Ego Trip will make all efforts to ensure the locations advertised are the ones you are taken to. In some cases, due to unforeseen events or circumstances out of our control, we may have to substitute a location, and we will ensure that the substituted location is as epic as the one that has been omitted.



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